cta1              Residential Services

The appearance of your home is a reflection of you. The outside of your home shows your guests and neighbours that you care, and gives you the opportunity to make and impression and show off your style. Keeping the inside & outside looking great all year long takes a lot of work, and a bit of know-how. The McNichols Contracting® Team are the best in residential services. We have the tools and the expertise to keep your property looking its best.

cta2              Commercial Services

Making a good first impression with clients and visitors is an important part of keeping your business successful. Knowing that you begin setting the tone for that first impression before your visitors even reach your front door means you are a step ahead of the competition. A warm, welcoming property will give your business a professional appearance that makes people feel comfortable. Clean, well maintained parking lots and walkways let your visitors know you want them there. The McNichols Contracting® team are the best in professional commercial property maintenance for your business, school, church or other property.

Seasonal Services                 Seasonal Services

As the season comes to an end and winter creeps in, most people tend to let their properties slide. This is a mistake! Your standards shouldn’t drop just because the temperature does. With The McNichols Contracting team on your side, we’ll help keep your property looking beautiful year round. We’ll ensure your property is free of leaves, sticks and other debris that collect during the fall and winter. We’ll even take extra care to ensure your flower beds and other plants are free of clutter that might otherwise be missed.

Springtime brings new life and your property will need a little extra TLC to revive it from the challenges of a harsh winter season! Bushes and trees will need pruning and flowerbeds and plant beds will need to be prepped for early spring growth, gutters will need to be cleaned, houses will need to be washed & windows will need to be cleaned. When you team up with The McNichols Contracting Team, our championship-caliber pros will take your property from the cold grey of winter into the bright, colorful spring. Any leaves or other debris winter left behind will be cleared from your property, giving it a fresh, vibrant and award winning look for the New Year.

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McNichols Contracting is a full-service property care company. Our established systems allow us to deliver industry-leading property solutions to commercial and residential clients. Built on a family tradition of caring, The McNichols Contracting Company is driven by a passion to exceed the expectations of our customers.